The specialty grade alumina project has been completed with success.


Available now, alumina based filler additive to reduce consumption of TiO2 in paints, paper and other industries.


Bee Chems to venture into manufacturing of Fine Silica powders for Clinical Applications.


Bee Chems to work on producing next generation desiccants for total moisture protection and control


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They explain every thing about the product and its use in detail and put their best efforts to make customer understand the applications and results!
-Ganpati Enterprises

The service and products were great!


‘I am amazed to see the speed at which this company responds and executes orders!’
--Sri, Cambridge Solutions, Bangalore.

First Indian Company to Manufacture Colloidal silica

Manufactures Maximum grades of Nano Silica Products

First Indian Company to Manufacture Activated Desiccants

Technical support and suggestions for modifications and upgradation of process plants using adsorbents in refineries, fertilizer and petrochemical plants

Producers of maximum variety of Desiccants in the World

Carbon Dioxide Absorber Sodalime Absorbent


Carbex is a unique soda lime absorbent which finds uses in removal of carbon di oxide and acidic contaminants from gases streams. It is an active form of a mixture of hydroxides (calcium and sodium hydroxides) which has high affinity for carbon di oxide.

Carbex is made in the form of 2.5-5.0 mm pallets processed to minimize dusting. The uniform shape allows a uniform gas flow, low pressure drop and consistent bed packing.

No Harmful Contents

Carbex does not contain potassium hydroxide or barium hydroxide and only a very low level of sodium hydroxide. It carries minimum risk of harmful anesthetic degradation compounds being generated.


Carbex is available in two forms:

Non-indicating type which does not change colour on adsorbing carbon di oxide Indicating type which changes colour from pink to white or white to violet as it adsorbs carbon di oxide.


Carbex is routinely shipped in 2 kg, 5 kg, 16 kg, plastic jars or in 40 kg. Fiber drums. Customers are free to send their specific packing requirements.


Carbex should be stored in a cool, sealed and clean dry environment and at room temperature.
Exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended. Once opened, jars of soda lime should be used within a month.