The specialty grade alumina project has been completed with success.


Available now, alumina based filler additive to reduce consumption of TiO2 in paints, paper and other industries.


Bee Chems to venture into manufacturing of Fine Silica powders for Clinical Applications.


Bee Chems to work on producing next generation desiccants for total moisture protection and control


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They explain every thing about the product and its use in detail and put their best efforts to make customer understand the applications and results!
-Ganpati Enterprises

The service and products were great!


‘I am amazed to see the speed at which this company responds and executes orders!’
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First Indian Company to Manufacture Colloidal silica

Manufactures Maximum grades of Nano Silica Products

First Indian Company to Manufacture Activated Desiccants

Technical support and suggestions for modifications and upgradation of process plants using adsorbents in refineries, fertilizer and petrochemical plants

Producers of maximum variety of Desiccants in the World

Silica Gel- Sorbogel®

Silica Gel,Organic Silica Gel

              Silica gel ‘Sorbogel’

Silica gel is one of the oldest and most popular desiccant and adsorbent used for a wide number of industrial and consumer applications.

The surface and properties of silica gel can be modified to make it suitable for different process conditions and varying humidity operation requirements.

Indicating type silica gel changes colour from blue, orange, yellow to different colours on getting exhausted and non-indicating type remains white. Granules and beads both are available.

Grades and Applications

Desiccant Silica Gel

Sorbogel A: drying of process instrument air in chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical and automotive engineering plants. Air dyers, transformer breathers, catalyst carrier, PSA applications etc.

Organic Silica Gel

Sorbogel B: 
high humidity applications, liquid adsorption, fragrance and catalyst carrier, cat litter production etc.

Silica Gel Desiccant Bag

Sorbogel C:
is a specially formulated very large pore silica gel made for special air separation and adsorption applications. This can be further modified to make cat litter.

Sorbogel can be used for both static and dynamic applications. Please let us know your application so that we can send you details.

Insulating glass desiccant.

Packing: 25kg Bags, 50 Kg. Drums, 170 Kg. Drums.
For small pouches, visit our Moisture Protection Products section. (put a link on this section.

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