The specialty grade alumina project has been completed with success.


Available now, alumina based filler additive to reduce consumption of TiO2 in paints, paper and other industries.


Bee Chems to venture into manufacturing of Fine Silica powders for Clinical Applications.


Bee Chems to work on producing next generation desiccants for total moisture protection and control


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They explain every thing about the product and its use in detail and put their best efforts to make customer understand the applications and results!
-Ganpati Enterprises

The service and products were great!


‘I am amazed to see the speed at which this company responds and executes orders!’
--Sri, Cambridge Solutions, Bangalore.

First Indian Company to Manufacture Colloidal silica

Manufactures Maximum grades of Nano Silica Products

First Indian Company to Manufacture Activated Desiccants

Technical support and suggestions for modifications and upgradation of process plants using adsorbents in refineries, fertilizer and petrochemical plants

Producers of maximum variety of Desiccants in the World

Super Chips For Export Products


Desiccant Stickers are the latest development in product protection technology.

They have been specially developed for protecting leather products, Shoes, Garments, Food Products etc. from moisture, mold, fungus Bacteria etc.

Product Description

The chips are made from anti-mold preparations and desiccant agent by unique patented process. These innovative products provide the multiple functions of dehumidifying, preventing mold, bacteria suppressing and maintaining freshness concurrently.

The products are totally eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to customer product or environment.

This is the reason they are being asked by all European and American customers.

Major Features
  1. Environmental Friendly
  2. Safe and Non-Toxic
  3. Enhanced mold prevention effectiveness
  • Complete protection of your valuable export products by eradication of mold, bacteria etc
  • A very simple and effective product to use. Just place or stick in the packing
  • Capable of eliminating practically all types of mildew and bacteria like Aspergillus niger, Penicillium pinophilum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Aureobasidium pullulans, Gliocladium virens and Chaetomium globosum; as the following bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli.
  • A food-grade mold prevention product compliant with USA FDA regulation 21CFR175.300 and with European Union directive 2002/72/EC (90/128/EEC).

How to prove the mold prevention effectiveness of an Anti-Mold Chip

Following In-House tests are available:
  1. Test By Steamed Bread Method
  2. Test By Toast Method
Details of the tests are available on request

Why are Customers Asking for Anti-Mold Chips & replacing Silica Gel Pouches?
  • Disposal is a big problem for Silica Gel Pouches
  • Pouches if open, contaminate the product and lead to rejection
  • Acute Danger of the pouch being ingested by children, workers
  • Low quality Silica Gel Pouches are ineffective to control mold, bacteria Mildew, fungus etc.
  • Silica Gel is an out dated product now and replaced by other more Effective products

Leatherwear, shoes, woodenware, garments, electronics, optical devices, machine parts, consumer products, military instruments, and etc.

Usage of Super Chips

The number of chips to be used is governed by the size of packaging. Generally, one chip will be sufficient for (33X22X12 cm). For shoes, 2~3 pieces are suggested.
The requirement is generally given to the product manufacturers by their customers so we suggest testing under control conditions to get best mold prevention.


Unopened foil bags of chips can be stored for up to one and half years. Once the bag is opened the Anti-Mold Chips should be used as quickly as possible. Any unused Anti-Mold Chips should be placed back in the original foil bag, sealed airtight, and used as soon as possible.

Test Reports

Test reports on various aspects of performance of anti-mold stickers are available on request.
Please note that the stickers will inhibit mold growth in a fresh pack. It will not eliminate mold growth.

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