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Adsorbents/Absorbents & Desiccants

Adsorbents/Absorbents and Desiccants find uses in multiple industries and applications. These cover various products covering silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieves, gas absorbents and carbons and are prepared using natural minerals or chemical synthesis. Bee Chems is one of the very few companies in the world having integrated chemical plants producing all these products under one roof.

silica gel

Silica Gel

Sorbogel® Silica gel is one of the oldest and most popular desiccant, adsorbent and purifying agent used for a wide number of industrial and consumer applications./p>

activated alumina

Activated Alumina

Actas® Activated alumina is one of the major adsorbent/ desiccant used worldwide for moisture removal, purification and other treatments.

molecular sieve

Molecular Sieves

Molcat™ are synthetic zeolites (crystalline metal alumina-silicates) with small & uniform pores, having precisely defined diameter of molecular dimensions.

gas absorbents

Gas Absorbents

Removal of gaseous impurities/contaminants is a regular requirement in industries and Commercial spaces.

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