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Construction Chemicals

Bee Chems produces some unique chemistries for use in bulk and surface concrete applications. Taking the nano route, these products can be used to improve durability, longevity and life of concrete structures and surfaces by enhancing properties like densification, hardening, chloride/sulphate/salt resistance, pore filling and surface fortification.

Cemsyn and Cemgel Nano Silica for Bulk and Surface

Cemsyn/Cemgel Nano Silica for Bulk /Surface

CemSyn is a series of silica based binders /fillers used in the cementing and concreting operations to impart different properties..


Densifiers, Sealers and Guards

Bee Chems offers the widest variety and range of chemicals used for hardening, densification, Dust proofing, abrasion resistance, wet look treatments.

stains for concrete

Stains for Concrete

Bee Chems produces highly reactive, penetrative and long lasting bonding stains for Concrete staining ..


Acimor, Acid Resistant Mortars

ACIMOR is mainly used as lining or jointing material for Acid/ Chemical resistant brick and tiles.