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Shelf Life Extension & Protection Products

Shelf Life Extension and protection products refer to entire range of solutions produced to solve various natural problems occurring in day to day life. These problems, though simple, have a significant impact on all finished products as well as products being used in house and offices too. Issues like humidity, moisture, rust, bad smell, rancidity, staleness of food, low shelf life, decay etc. cause millions of dollars’ worth damage every year to the industry. Bee Chems has a dedicated R&D team which works on identifying these problems and offering a solution for them.

desiccant sachets and bags

Desiccant Sachets and Bags

Dew PouchTM Desiccants sachets/pouch/bags are used with various products to protect products from Moisture and Humidity.

ethylene absorber

Ethylene Absorbers

FreppeTM, (Freshness Preserved) our brand name, is A VISION TO MINIMIZE WASTAGES AND IMPROVE THE FRESH QUALITY of produce all over the world.

oxygen absorber

Oxygen Absorbers

BOXYTM are specially formulated products to absorb oxygen inside any packing and maintains oxygen at very low levels.

humidity indicator card and plugs

Humidity Indicator Cards and Plugs

HumichekTM HIC or Humidity Indicator Cards are widely used to measure humidity level  inside a packaged environment..