Ethylene Absorbers

FreppeTM, (Freshness Preserved) our brand name, is A VISION TO MINIMIZE WASTAGES AND IMPROVE THE FRESH QUALITY of produce all over the world.

Ethylene is a gaseous hormone naturally occurring in fruit and vegetables. It plays a significant role in the ripening and senescence of climacteric fruit, increasing the risk of physiological alterations and pathogen infections. It is active at very low concentrations (15 ppb).

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Problems Solved by Freppe! TM

In Fruits and Vegetables

  • Accelerated ripening and softening of fruits
  • Shrinkage
  • Accelerated senescence and loss of green colour in some immature fruits
  • Russet spotting on lettuce
  • Formation of isocoumarin in carrots
  • Induction of stress metabolites i.e. isomeamarone and early ripening in sweet potatoes
  • Abscission of leaves and Toughening of asparagus
  • Spotting of leafy vegetables and egg plants
  • Increase odour and sprouting of garlic and onions
  • Wilting, scald and loss of crunch
  • Rind break down

In Cut Flowers and Bulbs

  • Short life span of cut flowers
  • Shrinkage of bulbs
  • Abbreviated storage life and reduced quality of cut flowers
  • Physiological disorders in flowering bulbs
  • Partial / complete flower abortion and inhibited growth of buds
  • Retarted growth in plants
  • Improper growth like Excessive leafiness and stimulated growth of daughter bulbs.

Freppe is a great way to protect all climacteric produce like Bananas, Apples, Kiwis, Avocados, Papaya, Guava, Pears, Melons etc.

  • Vegetables like Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussels sprout, Onions, Tomatoes, Lady Finger, and Chili etc.
  • Fresh flowers and foliage
  • Live plant exports and more…
  • Domestic and Transit Storage
  • Transport and Delivery Vans/Trucks
  • Cold Stores
  • CA Rooms
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Community Refrigerators
  • Super Markets , Floral Shops, Retail Shops
  • REEFER containers
  • Home Refrigerators
  • Wherever fresh produce is being stored, processed or shipped during post-harvest operations

Freppe!TM Refers to series of products and solutions specially developed to arrest over ripening, rotting and ageing of fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Made with natural occurring zeolites and minerals, Freppe removes unwanted respiratory gas thereby ensuring the quality and freshness of the product while in transit or in storage.

Freppe!TM Solves problems like:
Decay, mould, discoloration, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch and many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas.

The use of Freppe!TM Protection products during postharvest handling of fruit, vegetables, and floral products, during storage and ripening, and during shipment by truck or sea container can effectively reduce gas concentrations and maintain product quality and shelf-life.


  • Sachets and bulk packs
  • Reefer Filters
  • Curtains
  • Cube Scrubbers
  • Scrubbing Systems
  • Bags and Films

Cartons and Drums

Within more than 15 years of extensive in-house and on-field research, Bee Chems offers custom made solutions and absorbents for solving problems related to shelf life and fresh produce.

Removal of unwanted respiratory gases works wonders in increasing the shelf life, crispness and freshness of any produce.
Freppe! Is a simple and cost-effective way to give your customers a product as close to nature as possible.

So what your waiting for?
Give your product the Freppe! Protection.

Freppe! is a registered trademark of Bee Chems, Kanpur, India.

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