• One of the very few companies in the world working in so many sectors together. Not many companies cover industries from pharma to oil and electronics to paints like we do.
  • 50 years of hands-on experience of product and technology development. Imagine the time and effort it would have taken and the knowledge it would have given us to answer and solve customer queries.
  • Availability of all regulatory approvals and systems.


  • Competence to develop products as per customer needs from decades of experience.
  • Diverse Products and Industries to cater to makes us resilient to Global Business Cycles.
  • Specialized and Niche Product Chemistries.
  • Rapid Decision Making due to Flat Hierarchy.
  • Lean Production Costs & Frugal Organization Structure.
  • Committed to 3R (Reduce-Recycle-Recover) Principles.
  • Decades of relationship with Suppliers and Business partners.
  • Sufficient Cash Reserves to sustain any economic slowdown for more than a year.
  • Global Exposure, Access to Changes and Developments, Always ahead of other similar players.
  • Pride of Developing all our products without any external support or help.

For any problem/issue call vijayant at: 9839602946. If unavailable, please drop message on Whatsapp or email at vijayant@beechems.com
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