Lithium Silicate

Lithium Silicate is the newest of all liquid silicates being used for similar applications.

It offers much more advantages of reactivity and durability due to its unique chemical nature. The size of Li ion of the SiO2/Li2O molecule vs. the Na or K ion and location of the Li ion in the SiO2/Li2O molecule governs the reactivity. The Li ion is “close”, actually touching the SiO2, while Na and K are “distant”.

lithium silicate

Lithium Silicate forms a stable high ratio, low viscosity solution. Once dried, Lithium Silicate is relatively insoluble compared to Potassium and Sodium Silicates.

Lithium Silicates have higher melting points and may change the refractory properties of Sodium and Potassium Silicates. Lithium Silicates are added to sodium or potassium silicates to improve adhesion.

  • Ceramic materials
  • Refractory materials
  • Welding wires
  • Coatings (anti-corrosive) and paints
  • Concrete floor hardeners, surface treatment and admixtures
  • Flame retardant
  • Ceramics, glazes

Lithium Silicates come in limited number of grades depending on:

(a) Silica / Lithia %
(b) pH
(c) Molar Ratio of Silica/Li2O
(d) Purity

Bee Chems produces widest variety of pure and ultra-pure lithium silicates as per global requirements and specifications.

  • 250 kg. HDPE Barrels strapped and wrapped on wooden pallets
  • 1250-1500 Kg. IBCs on plastic/Wooden pallets
  • 20-25 Metric Tonnes in ISO Tankers
  • 20-25 Metric Tonnes in Flexi-tanks
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