Extend the shelf life and freshness of bananas during export with freppe from bee chems

 10th Aug 2020

Freppe is a shelf life extension product that elongates the life of agri products, keeping them fresh for a long time. Generally, Freppe is utilized by a huge number of exporters and importers across the globe for saving agri products from over ripening.

Recently Bee Chems introduced Banana Freppe for saving bananas from over ripening during export. Freppe has the capability to remove unwanted respiratory gases through the oxidation process and thus ensures that the bananas are free from over ripening, rotting and ageing.

Those planning to send bananas to their loved ones living abroad can count on them for their varied needs.

Exporters and Fresh Produce Cold Chain management companies interested in availing Freppe can contact them for their requirements by filling a simple form present on their official website, www.beechems.com.

One of their representatives talked more about Freppe in detail, “We can fine tune the technology in different qualities and combinations to suit individual needs.

The use of Freppe! Protection products during postharvest handling of fruit and vegetables during storage and ripening, and during shipment by truck or sea container can effectively reduce gas concentrations and maintain product quality and shelf-life.”

About Bee Chems

A technology driven company having an experience of more than 44 years in solving problems related to gas and pathogen removal, adsorbent and absorbent applications.

Give us an opportunity to improve the quality of your valuable exports.

We will deliver value to your organization by delivering a better quality produce to your end customer!

For more information, please write to us at relations@beechems.com.


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